Garvalin Girls Sandals

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Garvalin Bio SDL 232433B
Garvalin Mini SDL 232337A
Garvalin Basic SDL 232303C
Garvalin Bambina Sdl 222353
Garvalin Natural Sandal 222402
Garvalin Selfie Sdl 192643
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We have a beautiful selection of everyday summer sandals, great for days at the beach or just playing outside in the sunshine. Super lightweight and flexible styles from top brands like Skechers, Geox and Clarks provide comfort for fun days out and holidays in the sun. Leather and embellished designs from Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Garvalin and Lelli Kelly are great for dressing up for special occasions or for everyday wear just hanging out.
Garvalin Logo Garvalin are a highly sought after Spanish brand specialising in children's footwear. They have been making shoes for children for 50 years, so have amassed a great deal of knowledge and skill in crafting quality footwear specifically for children. They make fun & funky designs with children in mind, utilising soft premium leather and leading technology to create gorgeous designs for any occasion. With removable anti-bacterial insoles and soft leather linings, Garvalin offers the perfect shoe for little feet. They come in a variety of fun colours and designs. Their collection offers a great selection of fun and funky canvas styles, alongside leather sandals, shoes and boots for growing feet.