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Bio Mecanics Logo Working with the Valencia Institute of Biomecanics and the Spanish Association of Paediatrics, Biomecanics bring you the highest quality footwear for young children's growing feet. Using soft quality leathers and cushioned ergonomic insoles, Biomecanics' shoes really are the best for supporting growing feet. Children's development is key to their designs. You'll find extra support at the heels and rounded toe shapes to allow for movement. With rubber toe bumpers, they are great for the rough and tumble of childhood life.

Biogateo offers a wide range of supportive footwear for infants' size 3 to 7. Their footwear gives the little ones the security and stability they need in uncontrolled environments, protecting the foot without compromising the freedom of movement, allowing their feet to grow and develop naturally.

Bioevolution is Biomecanics' range for slightly older toddlers, sizes ranging from infant 6 to junior 1. Bioevolution is a shoe capable of withstanding intensive wear-and-tear while allowing great freedom of movement. Perfect for the young explorers!


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